If I could, Baby I’d Give You My World |Jon&Alli|

Jon wandered around the beach aimlessly, he’d been doing it for weeks now. About a year ago, the love of his life left for an art school and they lost contact. He fell into depression. But, he barely remembered her now. Skipping a rock across the surface of the water, he sighed and sat down, looking out to the horizon, searching for an answer.

Just then his little sister, Gracie, jumped on him, “Eddie!” He chuckled and got up, “What’s up, Squirt?” He picked her up and spun her around, then smiled. She giggled, “I wanna play airplaine again!” He rolled his eyes as she jumped onto his back and they ran away.

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    Alli giggled like crazy, grabbing them both into a hug. “Awwwww I can’t with how cute you guys are! I’m so happy you’re...
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    Jon smirked, “Aw Gwacie Wacie, don’t hide.” He made his way over and laughed, “So how are our two little lovebirds?”